Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Are we still evolving?

The recent episode of Horizon on the BBC asked the question "are we (has human beings) still evolving?". Apart from the extremely annoying habit of the presenter to seemingly deliberately confuse evolving to improve the race through natural selection with are we simply changing (for better or worse) as a race, it appeared to come to a conclusion that we are evolving to be shorter and fatter! This begs the question that are these features which will make us better adapted for the future. A question that they failed to answer however applying the logic of one of the most eminent philosophers of the 21st century, Karl Pilkington the answer is obvious and clearly yes. The world's resources in fossil fuels are running out and in particular crude oil. The lack of fuel for cars is driving us towards smaller and smaller cars therefore shorter people will be better suited to smaller cars. Also the diminishing supplies of fossil fuels will mean that we are increasingly unable to heat are homes and buildings meaning that those with increase personal insulation (fatter) will have an advantage.