Friday, 29 February 2008

The next UK Government or not

Maybe Billy Connolly had it right - "Don't vote for them it just encourages them". It seems to be what most people in this country are doing. Since in the last few elections the majority of people have not voted for anyone. Perhaps there is more to this message than simple apathy. Perhaps they are saying we do not want any of them. So my proposal. At the next election we should count unused votes as a positive vote for NO goverment. In those constituencies where the total votes casts falls below 50% or where the number of unused votes exceeds that of the most popular candidate then NO member of parliament should be elected for the next term. If the majority of the house of commons is empty seats then NO government will be formed for the next term. This will then reflect the true feelings of the people. If people are not voting for some other reason than the fact that they do not want a government then they will turn out pro actively to vote to ensure that their vote is not counted as a vote for no government.

Bingo another problem solved.

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